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Seminar A 

Seminar A

Osteopathy and Obstetrics

Stephen Sandler, PHD, DO (UK)

Research has shown that up to 80% of pregnant women experience mechanical back pain and pelvic girdle pain, including pubic symphysis dysfunction. The cardiovascular system undergoes many changes during pregnancy, including an increase in extracellular fluid volume, a rise in heart rate, and an alteration in the orientation of the axis of the heart. Changes in the gastrointestinal system may lead to constipation and a slower transit of food residue in the gut. Osteopathic visceral and functional techniques can be invaluable during pregnancy. However, because the positions of the organs change due to the pressure of the rising uterus, the usual visceral techniques can be difficult to apply. This two-day course will demonstrate techniques that can be applied to supporting somatic and fascial structures to minimize adverse changes experienced during pregnancy. Structural techniques, including small-lever energetic impulse techniques, will be demonstrated and practiced, with a focus on the safety and comfort of both the mother and child.

Prerequisite: Some experience in functional and myofascial techniques will be beneficial.

Please contact Natalie Gauthier at 416.597.0367 to be placed on a waiting list.

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Seminar B 

Seminar B

Fields and Levels - An Approach to the Greater Intelligence

Gerald Lamb, DO (UK)

For each morphologically distinct tissue type, there is a “field of awareness” that is palpable and recognisable. In this field, the tissue “lives and moves and has its being.” This phenomenon can be used to make osteopathic treatment more powerful by first engaging the tissue and field and then applying the technique. In regard to the primary respiratory mechanism (PRM), there are seven distinct levels of function, which can be identified in a straightforward manner according to their distinct qualities. Once the practitioner has identified the level, treatment can begin as a harmonious interplay between the deep intelligences of practitioner and body. The subsequent efficiency of function may be palpated from the physical body to the innermost functioning of the patient’s being, bringing about harmony of body, mind, and spirit.

Prerequisite: Participants need to have some palpatory skill with the PRM in order to appreciate the levels.

Please contact Natalie Gauthier at 416.597.0367 to be placed on a waiting list.

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