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Thesis Presentations

Come out and support a new cohort of soon to be D.O.M.P.’s as they present their theses Friday, November 3rd. The day is complimentary.


Nicole AllenThe Role of Feedback In Palpation Development: A Randomized Controlled Trial Using A Simulated Device
Belanger StacieThe Effect of Global Osteopathic Treatment On Temporomandibular Dysfunction & Perceived Psychological Stress
Alyssa BenderA Qualitative Investigation Comparing Osteopathic Practitioners' Practice of Osteopathy With Their Spiritual Development
Davis BrickerThe Effect of Global Osteopathic Treatment On Weight Distribution Following First Degree Inversion Ankle Sprain
Junella ChammasThe Effect of Global Osteopathic Treatment On Cortisol Levels In Burnout Patients
Andrew FlemmingThe Effect of Global Osteopathic Treatment On Post Traumatic Chronic Tinnitus: A Pilot Study
Marcy HullThe eEffect of Osteopathic Treatment On Low Milk Supply: A Pilot Study
Matthew JanzenThe Effect of Local Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Scar Treatment On Centre of Pressure
Samantha JoubertThe eEffect of Global Osteopathic Treatment On Functional Balance In Older Adults As Measured by the Mini-BESTest
Dileep KorahThe Effect of Osteopathic Treatment of the Vagus Nerve On Heart Rate Variability In Subjects With Chronic Inammation
Michelle KormosA Qualitative Investigation of PSI Perception Between Practitioner & Patient During Manual Osteopathic Treatment
Izabella KossobudzkiThe Short-Term Effect of the Strain Counterstrain Technique On Grip Strength & Pain In Lateral Epicondylitis: A Pilot Study
Kevin LauAn Intra-Rater Palpation Study of Manual Temperature Detection On Humans Using Thermography Following Feedback Training: A Pilot Study
Kyra Lindsay-NgThe Effect of Regional Osteopathic Treatment of the Lumbo-Pelvis On Females With Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
Alberto LunatiAn Exploratory Inquiry Into the Nature Of Dr. Sutherland's Term "Liquid Light"
Tara McEachernThe Effect of Thoracic Diaphragm Normalization As Measured By Modied Borg Dyspnoea Scale
Catherine MedwidThe Effect of Global Osteopathic Treatment On Upper Extremity Function In Older Adults Measured by TEMPA
Edward SchroederCV4 Technique: A Placebo Controlled Trial Measuring Co2 Levels Capnographically
Janna ShumilaThe Effect of Global Osteopathic Treatment On Symptom Severity In Patients With Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Pilot Study
Denice SpykermanThe Effect of Palpation Training on Intra-Observer Reliability of Bladder Distension Detection In Male Bladders
Connie WalshThe Effect of an Osteopathic Scar Technique Applied to Caesarean Section Scars on Heart Rate Variability
Olga VoevodskayaThe Effect of the Venous Sinus Technique on Arterial Blood Pressure in Hypertensive Patients as Measured by the BpTRU200
Clara YanThe Effect of Palpation Training on Intra-Observer Reliability of Bladder Distension in Male Bladders
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